MBA Social Impact, a challenge to create a change.

MBA Social Impact, a challenge to create a change.

The business world today has an undeniable social impact, that generates both risks and opportunities for companies. Finding business solutions that could foster shared values is a challenge for the new generation of managers whose responsibility goes beyond the economic activity to reach a social perspective. The main challenges that future managers will tackle are resilience and responsibilities, their goal is to make wealth into shared values.

Together with no profit organizations and social enterprises, the Full-time MBA and Part-time MBA provide the Social Impact course: a series of activities, competitions, and exposure to real cases and contexts where students will face challenges to be solved using their creativity, and the skills acquired during the master.

The Social Impact course is intended to provide students with cultural knowledge and social awareness that contributes to making a bright, significant and sustainable change for society, mostly those who live difficult situations in different aspects. Through the collaboration of social entrepreneurs and NGOs, students will be involved in competitions to develop knowledge, skills, and attitudes to engage, lead, and innovate in a global context, with advanced understanding of social issues key and the ability to create change. The aim of this course is to raise awareness among students about the two-fold role they play in society: by combining creativity and good will, students can generate both economic and social value.

In the next days, the MBA students will face the first challenge in collaboration with Energia per i Diritti Umani (Energy for the Human Rights Association), a blind competition aiming at having a clear social impact. The results of the challenges will be directly applied to the real context by the organization involved. Results will be reported to the MBA students later in the year. The learning objectives of the challenges are forging the MBA students’ capability to take decisions in teams and under pressure, and making them experience the feeling that a future manager’s actions can be –and should be- linked to the most important social issues faced by our societies.

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