ERS HUB, an extraordinary Day: MBA students meet L’Altra Napoli

ERS HUB, an extraordinary Day: MBA students meet L’Altra Napoli

To generate social awareness, and contribute towards change of action. Economic Business is linked to social development thanks to Ethics, Responsibility & Sustainability Lab (ERS Lab), this lab implemented by LUISS Business School (LUISS BS) foresees students cooperating with ONG, social entrepreneurs and institutions with a strong social vocation. A commitment, taken from participants in this lab, practical and experiential that foresees the confrontation of our students with local realities.

ERS HUB, an extraordinary Day: MBA students meet L’Altra NapoliIn this contest MBA Part-Time students, had last October 28th 2015, the precious opportunity to visit the Association “L’Altra Napoli ONLUS, active from 2005 in Rione Sanità (a neighbourhood in Naples, located north of Naples' historical centre) that aims to requalify one of the most difficult neighbourhoods of the Parthenope city, from a, urbanistic, economic and social point of view. In the 2 km that design the Rione border, there is a high young unemployment level, equals to 65%, and a total absentness of green areas as social services. A degrade that lives with an extraordinary cultural patrimony, for richness and heterogeneity, and with a strong human capital that needs to be appreciated.

ERS HUB, an extraordinary Day: MBA students meet L’Altra NapoliThe ERS LAB approach results perfectly aligned with actual tendencies that see a strong link between the Business world and the third sector in a contest that records a role always more important than this last one, following the economic critic that has weakened institutions to face challenges set by a society that is growing complexity and heterogeneity. As highlighted by Ernesto Albanese, one of “L’Altra Napoli” association founders, “from a couple of years the non-profit world is getting near the managerial logics. Just by looking at the flow of social firms, that are operating as common firms, but will deliver their profits to help others rather than distributing it. “The Third Sector” underlines Albanese “it is an extraordinary reality, it gives a job to hundred thousand people, most of all young and women. In the future its role in the economy of our country, like other western firms, will be destined to grow and fill the empty spaces left by institutions, weakened from public finances. For all these reason non-profit organizations will acquire, firm work methodologies, from technical marketing ones to develop fund raising”.

L’Altra Napoli was built in 2005 from a group of friends from Naples, and today it counts more than thousands of members with one main goal: save the city from its degrade, guaranteeing the city’s development and growth. The association in the health district activity was determined in the last 10 years, and it was inserted in the Clinton Global Initiative in 2006, in the foundation of the Clinton family page in the promotion and philanthropic section from a global development. With over 4 million euros invested in the association activities many projects were done with a common denominator: to resume the historical district spaces, which is tied to a huge economic development none less the release of the value of young talents in different fields such as sport, music and theatre. 

ERS HUB, an extraordinary Day: MBA students meet L’Altra NapoliIn summary the proposed change from l’Altra Napoli moves along three pillars constituted by the urban development, the growth of talents and social entrepreneurship. The Association pursues its objectives by networking the resources present in the area, thus creating synergies that trigger a virtuous circle of innovation and hope to change service. Among the numerous experiences experimented in this context by the Association include the enhancement of the catacombs of San Gennaro. The reopening of the Basilica of San Gennaro Extra Moenia, closed from 41 years, makes it possible today to reach the health district through the catacombs, managed by the social cooperative "La Paranza". From 2010 to 2014, in just 4 years, the increase of visitors has reached a total of 339%, an important milestone for a company that not only engages in the management of the catacombs but also organises guided tours of the neighbourhood, offering cultural events and also taking care of visitor hospitality thanks to two structures. It is just one of the cooperatives that was established during the years of activity of L’Altra Napoli covering the most diverse scopes now ranging from tourist services cited up to a theater, a children's orchestra and other cultural events, involving mostly young people of the district, triggering a virtuous cycle of training and employment. Once again the case of the catacombs of San Gennaro is for illustrative purposes only. The same guys who are engaged in the restoration of the site, used for many years as deposit to the Hospital San Gennaro dei Poveri, working as guides, providing an example and the prospect of new opportunities to their peers. Ernesto Albanese defines the project as "an extraordinary success" by 5 young people who originally gave the cooperative life "today that group has 22 people who sustain the entrance of the catacombs that has recorded this year 80 thousand visitors.

ERS HUB, an extraordinary Day: MBA students meet L’Altra Napoli MBA Part-Time students, thanks to the ERS lab, had the chance to experiment theirselves a unique reality in Italy. Students explored the Catacombs of San Gennaro, reaching the Health District to visit then Basilica of San Saverio, from Apogeo Records. The association is composed by guys that, after a 16 month course were specialized in sound technician and digital elaboration. The sixteenth-century church now houses the Sanità Music Studio, a recording studio that specializes and acts as the Centre of social and professional inclusion, aiming at training and subsequent employment of disadvantaged groups in the field of musical professions connected with the technologies of sound, video and multimedia.

Students have reached the former convent, today B&B, that the Association helps managing where they made their contribution to the development of one of the new projects of the Association, "Social Eating for Social Inclusion". The initiative aims at the social inclusion of young women from a State of socio-economic hardship through the creation of a business in the restaurant field and in particular a catering service with traditional Neapolitan cuisine meals sold at affordable prices. The cooperative is formed by talented moms who follow more than a year training course sponsored by the Fondazione Alberto e Franca Riva. The project other than the exceptional attention to raw material and packaging, recyclable, focuses on using an app, conveyed through the portals of Tourist online sites to reach easily the visitors, mainly from the Rione Sanità. A new piece was then added to the mosaic of reality in the area of the district, enhancing what is already implementing and creating new opportunities.

The experience and achievements of the Association L’Altra Napoli shows how it is possible to firmly anchor the business opportunities to the economic and social development of the territory, contributing at the same time care and regeneration of the common cultural heritage. This has been possible thanks to a strict application of the skills and methods necessary to start a business. "The numerous projects over the years," says Albanese "were developed following an approach typical of a start-up: idea, business plan, budget, human resources, marketing strategies for the fund raising, management control. All managed in first person from a cooperation composed by young especially to become social entrepreneurs.

ERS HUB, an extraordinary Day: MBA students meet L’Altra NapoliThe message conveyed during the day has definitely reached the students involved, who have repeatedly expressed their enthusiasm. ERS Lab confirms its importance as a crucial moment in the emergence of an economic paradigm that does not lose sight of the social component, by joining a multi-dimensional sustainability, to propose models of development that respond concretely and effectively to the challenges of the present. LUISS Business School throws a bridge between the University and the non-profit sector that, as observed by Albanese, "will always be an important opportunity for the young professional. It is therefore right that universities contribute to build adequate skills to operate within this framework. As it is in my view essential to disseminate the culture of social responsibility in the many managers who attend Postgraduate courses. Each of us can help to improve the society we live in first person. You can do it by donating some money, but you can do even better by donating some of your time and expertise to one of thousands of non-profit organization that work daily to help those in need".

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